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European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015 RSS Feed

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Peter smile Posted 2015-04-12 - 22:31     Subject: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
Hi all,

At the end of this month I am planning a hiking and via ferrata trip across several European countries:

April 25. Csesznek - HU, April 26. Lake Garda - IT (Via ferrata dell Amicizia, The path of the Smugglers Massimiliano Torti ), April 27. Le Caire, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence - FR (Via ferrata de la Grande Fistoire), April 28. Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia - ES (Via ferrata Cala del Moli, Via ferrata Agulles Rodones), April 29. Aussois, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes - FR (Via ferrata du Diable), April 30. Lake Como - IT (open to suggestions), May 1. Lake Bohinj - SI (Hike to the Triglav Lakes Valley).

More details here

If anyone could join me for the via ferrata routes, would be great. I am not an experienced climber, nor a total beginner, but I have done a few via ferratas already.

Send me a message on Facebook,

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papidaniel38 smile Posted 2015-04-15 - 13:11     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
smile tu voyages en hélicoptère privé????
et encore pas sûr que tu aies le temps de faire les trajets entre deux vias...
JP smile Posted 2015-04-15 - 21:03     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
Bien vu Papi, de surcroît cet itinéraire et ce programme ne répondes a aucune logique géographique à moins d'aimer les vas et vient ...ou de posséder un hélicoptère...
Ian smile Posted 2015-04-19 - 14:06     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
I agree with Papi Daniel, your itinerary is way too ambitious. Better to visit a small number of areas and spend a few days in each doing several vias. Otherwise you're going to spend all your time in the car (or the helicopter).
Peter smile Posted 2015-04-21 - 12:37     Subject: Climbs postponed
Hi Ian,

I wanted to go to Barcelona, and do a couple of via ferratas on my way there and returning home. With 2 drivers, both driving 300 km daily, it is doable. Anyway, I had to cancel one climb because of the snow and minus degrees, and postpone others because of the rainy weather. I can't find any possibility of editing (or deleting) my posts here.
Ian smile Posted 2015-04-21 - 20:55     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
I see. Changes of plans affect us all, it's just life. smile But really I think you'd get much more out of a trip if it was relaxed rather than a race.

No, you can't delete posts, nobody can except Laurent, the Web Master.
Peter smile Posted 2015-04-21 - 23:15     Subject: It is probably easier for you
Ian, I do not know where are you from, but it is probably easier for you to get to the via ferrata sites, as they are so many in your vicinity. On the other hand, I need to travel several thousand km-s jut to get there. Let's choose a closer via ferrata site, eg. Garda lake. I need to travel 1500 km, this would be a 22 h drive, just to get there, and begin to "relax" smile On my way home I need to drive this distance, once again. Travelling by plane is not a very good or cheap option for me, because of baggage restrictions, travelling time to reach the departure and arrival airports, rent-a-car to get from the airports to the mountain, and accomodation needs, Thus is more convenient for me to travel with my own car, sleep in a tent, split the driving in shorter, doable parts, and split the fuel costs with travel companions. By the way, I am a freelancer, and I could be very flexible, could make more relaxed, longer trips. But probably I could not find travel companions, because others have to work, and they can have only shorter free time, weekends, or a longer holiday just once a year.
Ian smile Posted 2015-04-22 - 10:17     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
I understand the problem. I'm lucky enough to be able to see the Crolles via ferrata from my desk, and I have relatively easy access to a large number of vias being based near Grenoble.

When I lived in Dresden, however, that was not the case. About the only climbing close by was in Saxon Switzerland, on sandstone with all kinds of special techniques. I can tell you that during that time I missed the via ferratas terribly.

You'll be pleased to hear (or not... smile ) that I take full advantage of the situation here, climbing at least once a week in summer but maintaining a regular rhythm throughout the year.
Peter smile Posted 2015-04-22 - 11:19     Subject: Via ferratas near Grenoble
Because of the rainy weather I had to postpone a few climbs. But, I am planning a few via ferratas near Grenoble. On 5th May L' Escale à Peille near Nice; on 7th May Via ferrata de la Grande Fistoire, Le Caire; and on 9th June Via ferrata du Diable, Aussois.

If something changes, I will update the facebook event pages
Ian smile Posted 2015-04-23 - 10:18     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
OK, let us know here if you're in the Grenoble area in future. smile
Peter smile Posted 2015-05-14 - 22:43     Subject: Re: L'Escale a Peille
L'Escale a Peille 2015.05.04
domingo smile Posted 2015-05-15 - 15:39     Subject: Re: European via ferrata trip April 25. - May 1., 2015
thanks a lot nice video !
Peter smile Posted 2015-06-18 - 19:48     Subject: Via ferratas near Grenoble
I am planning the Via ferrata du Diable - Aussois, and VF Grande Fistoire - La-Motte-du-Caire (once again) at the end of June. If someone wants to climb with me, send me a message. Ian, this is near Grenoble, so I am open for suggestions, too smile

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